H.VIEW 5MP Cameras Live Audio Issues
  • Hi Ben,

    I'd like to report an issue I've always has with my H.VIEW cameras where the live audio within the iOS app is choppy, and if someone is talking it sounds like the audio is playing back at double speed.

    When playing back recorded video, audio works fine.

    The same happens when watching live video from the web interface using "HTTP Live Streaming" (audio doesn't work with the other three formats).

    I have Live H.264 Video turned off in the iOS app due to a previously reported issue with using this format on live videos.

    I have 5 cameras over two servers and they all have the same problem.

    This is the camera: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Security-Surveillance-Weatherproof-Detection-HV-500G2/dp/B0798LGRT7

    The video feed is set to h265, 10fps, VBR, key frame 20, bit rate 6000.
    Audio is set to AAC, sampling at 8000.

    The SecuritySpy settings are using the ONVIF profile with RTSP as the Format.

    I suspect there may be a more compatible profile I could try, so I'm happy to give you access to one of the cameras for testing.

  • Hi Paul, does this happen when you are listening to the live audio in SecuritySpy itself? Click the speaker icon for this camera in the Camera Info window to test this.

    Can you confirm if this is happening with the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.4b14). This beta has some changes to audio processing.

    If that doesn't do it, then please email us and provide the debug file (SecuritySpy menu -> Debug submenu -> Create Debug File On Desktop). If you can also send us a short movie captured by SecuritySpy that would be very helpful too, then we can compare the audio format in this to the audio format shown in the debug file.
  • Hi Ben,

    I can confirm the choppy audio also occurs when listening to live audio on the SecuritySpy server, and that this happens on 5.2.4b14.

    I will send you the debug file as requested.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Ben, Ticket 51416 has been raised. Thank you.

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