FOSCAM FI9804W security spy can not connect
  • I can see the video in safari after I download the foscam plugin, but security spy can not connect:
    "Unrecognized request error .. reconnecting in xx"
    any suggestions?

    security spy version: 3.4.1
  • tried this:
    You can try the camera in manual configuration:

    - Open the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy
    - Set the device type to Manual
    - Set the format to HTTP
    - Enter the username and password

    Try the following in turn for the Request:



    (but actually fill in the correct username and password instead of the xxx marks)

    If the above doesn't work, try again without entering the username or password into the boxes in the Video Device Settings window, instead including them in the Request string only.

    did not work with and w/o user/passwords in the fields and in the command etc..
  • Hi kw123 - the "videostream.cgi" request is only for JPEG Foscam cameras; yours is a H.264 model.

    The best thing to try would be the "Foscam FI9802W, FI9821W" profile with the "H.264 RTSP" format (in the Video Device Settings window in SecuritySpy). However, please note that we have had many problems reported from customers with H.264 Foscam cameras, and they are not officially supported by us, so you may find that this does not work. Please refer to our list of supported cameras to find out which cameras are supported.
  • I have returned the 04 as there where other things not working.
    BUT the list of supported devices lists the FI9804W as a supported device..

  • The FI8904W is on our list (it's a JPEG-only camera), but not the FI9804W. Foscam model numbers are a bit confusing!
  • 904 is JPEG camera... 804 is H.264 .... You can get it to work selecting the Foscam option for 8921W cameras and make sure you select the H.264 option for encoding. I'd rather use a dead cow for video surveillance than Foscam. Your mileage may vary. They are very Eco friendly though... You will get lots of green screens.

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