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Multi-camera video surveillance software for the Mac

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Supported Camera List

Below is a list of cameras have been confirmed to work with SecuritySpy. If you are considering purchasing a camera that is not on this list, please consider the following:

If you purchase an ONVIF-compliant camera, it is highly likely to work with SecuritySpy, even if it is not on this list. ONVIF is a protocol that standardises communication between IP video products.

If a camera is not on this list, and it doesn't support ONVIF, we would strongly advise against purchasing it.

There are a few cameras that definitely don't work with SecuritySpy for various reasons - click here for a list.

The information displayed for each camera is as follows:

The Type is the physical type of the camera:

The Resolution is the video size delivered by the camera's sensor, in megapixels (MP). The higher the sensor resolution the more detailed the image, however low-light sensitivity generally goes down as sensor resolution increases, as there is less light falling on each pixel of a high-resolution sensor compared to a lower-resolution one.

The FPS section shows the maximum frame rate that the camera can deliver at its maximum resolution. A value of 5-10 frames per second (FPS) is generally good for video surveillance.

The Light section shows the minimum illumination (in lux) at which the camera can operate. If the camera is to be used in a situation with low light, you will want a camera with good low-light sensitivity (< 0.5 lux). If you see two values in this column, the first refers to colour images and the second refers to black and white images (many cameras can produce black at white images at much lower light levels than colour images).

The Price section shows the approximate price of the cameras in US Dollars. Note that we do not sell cameras ourselves: this is for informational purposes only.

The Features section shows the following information for each camera:

WiFi Wireless networking (AirPort compatible).
PoE Power-over-Ethernet: no separate power supply required when using a compatible ethernet hub.
Audio-In Audio input port for for connecting a separate external microphone.
Mic Built-in microphone for recording audio.
PT Motorised pan and tilt of the camera head.
Z Optical zoom (digital zoom is not supported by SecuritySpy as it doesn't actually add any information to the image).
Outdoor Can be used outdoors - if a separate housing is required for this, it will be marked Outdoor (housed).
IR Built-in infrared illumination, so the camera can operate in the dark. However, note that it is generally better to use a sensitive visible-light camera and install visible lighting instead, as IR-sensitive cameras require a compromise lens design that results in decreased sharpness. Visible lighting is also a good intruder deterrent.
This indicates which video formats the camera is capable of sending to SecuritySpy. JPEG is good for fast local networks and either lots of storage or a fast computer that can re-compress the video to a more efficient format for capture; MPEG-4 and H.264 are good for slower networks or for small captured file sizes without the computer's processing power being used for re-compression. Please see our blog post on this topic for detailed information.

The Notes section shows a small note icon if there is some extra information related to the camera; move your mouse over the note icon to reveal the information. This section will also show D for cameras that have been discontinued.

While we have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of this list, you should always also double-check the specifications on the manufacturer's web site before making a purchase.

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