Foscam FI8905W firmware upgrade
  • Just upgraded firmware on Foscam FI8905W to version & embedded web to
    SS will no longer recognize the camera (though it opens & looks OK from Safari). Running SS 3.1.2 and OSX Mavericks
    I suspect real issue may be with new web SW as it now prompts to add a PW if none present. I added simple PW and updated SS device settings but still no luck. I have deleted and readied camera w/o success.
    Device settings: Foscam JPEG, IP:, ID: admin, PW: 12345 (also tried with no PW)
    Unfortunately there seems to be no way to go back to previous firmware.
    Any suggestions on resolving would be appreciated.
  • Hi - we don't officially support this camera due to users reporting problems with it, however we have some users having at least partial success using the FI9821W device profile in SecuritySpy - see this other forum thread on the FI8905W.
  • I have one of these cameras... and just for the exercise I upgraded the firmware in mine and had no problems. I used the Foscam JPEG and The Foscam pan and tilt profiles and both hooked right up. In the post it was referenced running SS 3.1.2 .... is that a typo ? The latest version is 3.2.1 and there was an issue with Foscam and the way they changed validation of userid / password. Ben and Company fixed that.
  • Foscam has released new firmware for the FI9805W.

    I loaded it into my camera and the improvements are remarkable. ONVIF is now working very well, I get 30fps, near realtime stream, very few if any dropped packets or green screen.

    Here's a Link to Their Firmware page For All Models

  • That is the new firmware they posted last month. I too have seen some improvement. What is the bit rate you have set though at 30 fps ? At 15 fps if I change the bit rate to 1M then I have green screen issues again... but its fairly acceptable at a bit rate of 512K at 15... I may see if that holds true if I crank up the frame rate to 30.
  • Well, I am speaking of the 9805W model, and I just realized I posted in the wrong thread (8905). The prior version of 9805W firmware was v1.14.1.21, the new release is v2.14.1.5 and includes an update for ONVIF as well.

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