SS server and a VPN
  • I’m trying to use securityspy on a Mac that is connected to the net through a vpn.
    If the vpn is active it is using an IP address different to the one allocated by my isp. Sometimes outside the UK.
    With the vpn active I am unable to connect to the web server using the iOS app or via a browser despite the ddns being active.
    Am I on a hiding to nothing here?
  • Normally a VPN will provide you with a shared connection, in which case you cannot use this to host your own server.

    What you will need is a VPN account that gives you your own dedicated/static IP address, and that allows you to host your own server over their connection (note that some VPN accounts that provide a dedicated/static IP address do not also allow you to host your own server, so look out for this features specifically). This will cost a bit more that a regular VPN account.

    Alternatively, you can use a tunneling service such as ngrok, described in our blog post Remote Access via Mobile/Cellular or Satellite Internet. This will work over any Internet connection, though there is a monthly fee for this service.
  • Ok Ben thanks for the info. Very useful. I will have to look into alternatives.
    I have a Mac Cube here doing nothing. It does have a version of OS X on it but I can’t recall which one. If I can find a monitor cable I’ll fire it up. I note you still have ppc versions available for download.
  • Do you mean a Power Mac G4 Cube? This is rather ancient! You could run SecuritySpy version 3.2.1 on it, though I wouldn't recommend it. If you need some basic Mac hardware to run SecuritySpy, a 2012 or 2014 Mac mini from eBay would be a good inexpensive solution.
  • Yes I’ve currently got it running on a 2010 mini, but that’s also my media server. I’ll try things out.. got nothing else to do :-)

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