Green Means Ignore‽
  • Perhaps I'm an idiot, but I figured the green color of the motion detection mask meant "detect motion here." I was having trouble detecting obvious motion so I finally read the documentation on the subject and I found the green means "ignore motion here" and after such a reversal I believe I can make it work great. Just a heads-up.
  • Indeed, the green bit means "ignore motion here", sorry if this wasn't clear, and glad to hear you worked it out!
  • Thanks Ben. It looks like the dang spiders are getting the best of me. For the record, I would like to put in a feature request for scheduled sensitivity.

    I would like to record continuously but turn the motion detection on or off with a schedule as well.
  • Hi - check out the Timed Motion Alerts discussion, were I outline a couple of ways to schedule different motion-detection settings using AppleScript.
  • Ben,

    Yes I saw that thread previously. Thanks.

    I read that petroleum jelly smeared on outdoor camera housings does a good job at repelling spiders.
  • CaliObserver - I was doing exactly the same thing - I must have missed that section in the manual - thanks for the correction!

    Ben - Feature adjustment - how about changing the color mask to red - "no motion detection here"?
  • This has come up a few times. I'm not sure if a red colour would help because it could be construed as "red means that motion will be detected here". When designing this feature I thought that "mask", meaning "something that covers or hides", would make the meaning clear, but I can see why this is not necessarily the case. I'll see if I can put some text somewhere (e.g. in the mask menu in the Camera Settings window) that makes it clear that green means ignore.
  • OOOPPPPPSSSS - I've done exactly the same, green round my doors and windows, where's my rubber.......I guess reading the manual works.......

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