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  • Hi,

    I cannot seem to get remote viewing working on the IOS app. I have tried all the settings and went through the guide and adjusted my router. No firewalls, etc on. It works on my network, just cant get connected when I am away.

    Thanks in advance
  • same for me. very frustrating.
  • In most cases, remote access can be achieved simply by enabling SecuritySpy's web server, creating a DDNS name, and enabling the "Allow access from the internet" option(s) under Preferences -> Web. However, in a minority of cases, some further manual setup may be required. Here are the things to check:

    - Double NAT: some users inadvertently have two routers between the Mac and the Internet (e.g. adding an Apple Airport device or WiFi mesh system on top of the ISP's router, without replacing it). The solution here is to remove one router, so that one device only is providing the routing (NAT) and the WiFi. Alternatively, if the inner device is just for providing the WiFi network (e.g. you have a mesh system on top of your main router), set it to bridge mode.

    - Automatic port forwarding: in order to automatically allow remote access, SecuritySpy uses a protocol called NAT-PMP (on Apple routers) or UPnP (on other routers) to automatically adjust the necessary port forwarding settings in your router. Check your router's settings and turn on either protocol, as this may be off by default.

    - Firewall: both the router and your Mac may have a firewall in place. Turn this off in the router (or allow access on SecuritySpy's ports 8000/8001) and make sure this is off on your Mac in the "Security & Privacy" system preference (or add SecuritySpy as an allowed service with incoming connections enabled).

    - Internet connection type: if you have a cellular or satellite Internet connection, you can't use normal port forwarding for remote access. In this case, please see our blog post Remote Access via Mobile/Cellular or Satellite Internet for a solution to this.

    If none of the above works to enable remote access, the next step is to manually set up port forwarding in your router. In this case, please follow the "Port Forwarding - Manual Setup" instructions in the Remote Access section of the SecuritySpy Installation Manual.

    If you are still having problems, please email us at, including screenshots of all relevant settings, and we will help you with this directly.

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