Any way to get Alerts on remote logins?
  • Is there a way Security Spy can notify you if a remote user logged in via App or Web Browser to confirm the only person using the app is you?

    Use Case Example:

    Let's say you're going on vacation and wanted to open your firewall port and port forward from a weird Port # to Port 8000 for a week or so. Idea being you wanted quick and easy access to your cameras should you needed vs. having to first VPN and then starting up Security Spy app - which hypothetically could take longer than you needed (RING ALERT on Front Doorbell, etc).
  • There are two ways to check who has been (and is) using the SecuritySpy web server - one is via the web log file, which you can enable under Preferences -> Web (this shows you a record of previous connections), and the other is the "Web Activity" tab via the main web interface (this shows you current active connections).

    There is no alert as such, but these two features will allow you to check users of the SecuritySpy web interface.

    I would suggest that, as long as you have set up strong passwords for all web server accounts in SecuritySpy, and are using only HTTPS (not plain HTTP) to connect from over the Internet, then direct access via port forwarding is safe, and certainly the easiest way to access your SecuritySpy server.

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