New high end router, constant disconections
  • @Ben, yesterday i've installed a new high end router, everything is smoother and faster except cameras, wich is one of the cases why i bought it. i have constant disconnections from cameras on SS, can you please help me or someone give me some hints?
    Rest of services, clients connected are working flawesly.
  • When you say "router", does this new router also provide your WiFi network (i.e it's a WiFi Access Point as well as a router)? Did this replace the previous WiFi network/Access Point that you were using? If so, what make/model router were you using previously, and what make/model router are you using now? It could be that the new router actually was worse WiFi coverage then the old one. If you have a large area to cover with WiFi, and you can't connect the cameras via wired Ethernet, then the best solution may be a WiFi mesh system. If you want to consider this please let me know and I can give you some advice on this.
  • Check your wifi 2.4G channels since most wifi cam are using 2.4G. Try to set your router channel in 1 or 6 or 11 to reduce interference. I have 6 wifi camera, that's what I'll do to correct inconsistent connection.
  • the new router has an excelent coverage, thats why i bought it, i had previously 3 airport extreme to cover al house, now with the new router xiaomi ax3600 i have full coverage in all places, no need mesh or another ap, the new router is giving router and wifi.
    the problem is only with cameras i have many drops even with the closest ones to the router
  • One single device, no matter how good it is, is unlikely to give as much coverage as three separate nodes (i.e. your previous three Airport Extremes) spread out over your house. In addition, with your previous setup, the bandwidth of all your devices was spread over effectively three different WiFi networks - now it is all concentrated on one single WiFi network.

    In general, it is difficult to predict what kind of performance and reliability you are going to get from a WiFi-based setup, which is why we always advise wired Ethernet as the best option. I'm not really sure what to recommend here. Maybe you could experiment by adding back one of your Airport Extreme routers in bridge mode in order to create a separate camera-only WiFi network (in addition to your new router), perhaps with just the 2.4 GHz band enabled (as this provides more range than 5 GHz), and put a few of the problem cameras back onto this camera-only network.
  • thanks Ben, im setting up a new wifi for cameras with the apple extreme.

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