Addition servers in Iphone App
  • I have multiple servers setup in my iPhone. When adding the latest one, i Lose one of the previous servers. Seems like there is a name issue that I need to address. Both SS instances are using different names in the web server. Is there something else I need to make sure is different? Its always the same two. Add Server E and server B disappear.....Add Server B and then Server E disappears. Servers A,C,D, F are unaffected.
  • Each SecuritySpy server instance has a unique identifier (UUID), which the iOS app uses to tell servers apart. If, at any point, a SecuritySpy Preferences file was transferred from one Mac to another, you could end up with two SecuritySpy instances with the same UUID, and hence they will look the same to the iOS app. The solution is as follows:

    - On either server B or E, install the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (this is currently 5.2.4b14 and an option to reset the UUID has just been added to the beta - this will also be in all subsequent release versions of the software too).

    - From the SecuritySpy menu, go to the Debug submenu, and select the "Reset software UUID" option.

    - Then try to add this server again to the iOS app.

    Does that fix it?
  • I will bet that is the issue. The Mac used to be located at the studio and we outgrew it. It was running the Studio SS. I recently took it to a tower site and installed a new license on it.....but I'll bet its still got the old UUID. Soon as I get back to the site I will give that a try (I screwed up my remote access while working on this so now I have to go on a little road trip).
    Thanks Ben!

    Keep up the good work. Just noticed that I have been using SS for over 10yrs now and have installed many many systems with it over that time.
  • Great to hear you've been using an installing SecuritySpy for such a long time! In terms of remote access to your installations, you might like to enable the Screen Control function of SecuritySpy's web interface (assuming you have web access to SecuritySpy). Even if you have an existing solution for remote admin, this could be a useful backup.
  • installing the Beta version and reseting the UID Solved it perfectly! Thank you. I do already use screen share but I had accidentally messed up the login accounts on the remote mac while trying to troubleshoot this problem and locked myself out.

    All is well now. This particular client has 4 sites now and loves them.
  • Great to hear that! Thanks for reporting back.

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