SecuritySpy iOS - action when tapping on notification
  • Hello,
    Not only have I been using this application for several years, but also the video server on Mac.
    Practical, functional and fast is really the best and the latest updates work very well with iOS 13 thanks to the team and very good after-sales service.

    An improvement would however be interesting. :
    The application allows you to receive notifications when a movement is detected (very good) but when opening the action is often already passed ... I suggest the possibility of having "direct" access to the last photo or video taken without having to go look for it in the menus or go through the server scripts.

    thank you to the team! keep going!
  • Hi Yvan,

    Thank you for the suggestion, it's a good idea. The problem is that for every notification, there is not necessarily any recorded video or images: notifications and recording are independent functions (i.e. if you have Actions mode enabled, but not Motion Capture mode, you will get a notification without a recording). So it is difficult to implement what you are suggesting. But I certainly understand the problem you are describing, and we will consider how we might be able to improve the situation in the future.

    For now, the best method is to tap the notification - this then opens up the camera's live video in the app - then tap the "list" icon in the top right corner of that screen, which takes you directly to the captured footage for that camera.
  • Thank you for your attention.
    This is indeed what I do ... but it is not very ergonomic.
  • You can press and hold the image in the notification and i have found it shows the AI captured image still. If you get my meaning.
  • hoo thanks for the tip! I try as soon as I solved the problem of the server that no longer works!
  • jeff444
    Perfect it works. Thanks for the tip
  • Thanks @jeff444 yes this is a useful feature for seeing immediately what caused the motion trigger. For 3D-touch devices (e.g. iPhone 6/7/8/X) this gesture is a hard-press; for non-3D-touch devices this is a long-press.
  • I would like to second this request please.

    My thoughts on this would be to have a user configurable option that if enabled would take you to the associated motion capture video when tapping the notification. The hint message for this option would indicate this only happens if you have Actions and Motion enabled. The logic behind the option could then honour the motion capture link if there is a match, but if not then go to live stream instead.

    This would give those of us who would like this feature an option to do so, but have a fall back to live streaming if Actions and Motion Captures aren't associated.


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