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  • One of my cameras didn't ship with a mic, but has an RCA connector for one. I connected a mic and it picks up an amazing amount of sound. The problem is that there is no way to control the volume which is VERY LOUD! I can't find a way to have SecuritySpy record the audio, but turn the sound down and still hear it while monitoring on the host computer. If the computer volume is set to normal for other listening (music, etc.), the camera audio drowns everything else out.

    I can't seem to control it or even turn it off when viewing over the web server. When I view the server feed with my phone, it BLASTS the audio and I have woken my spouse a few times when checking the cameras. This makes me less than popular when it happens!

    Is there a simple solution I'm missing, or do you have any suggestions? Thanks.

  • Normally we hear of the opposite problem with audio that is too quiet, so this is quite unusual!

    The camera itself may have an audio gain/volume control, so that is the first thing to check (log on to the camera using a web browser and check its audio settings).

    If that doesn't do it, SecuritySpy does have its own volume control under Preferences -> Cameras -> Audio that can lower or boost the volume of the sound coming from the camera.

    So I hope one of the above options will work in your case. The other issue here is that our iOS app doesn't currently respect the phone's mute button setting, so it will play sound even if the phone is set to silent. We will change this behaviour in the next update of our app, so that it will mute all sound when the phone is set to silent.
  • The camera only has a toggle, either on or off.

    The volume control in SecuritySpy DOES allow me to tone it down. I didn't think it was working because I thought it would happen "live" while I was adjusting it, but once I clicked on "Apply Preferences" it worked. I had to drop it to 15%, but I'm happy!

    The mute setting works perfectly on Android, so I'm all set. My wife thanks you!

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