Corrupt video files and green screens 5.2.3
  • Hi,

    I've upgraded to 5.2.3 this morning from version 4.x. I've not changed the configuration or server set up or camera config.

    I'm using a Hikvision 2CD4x camera which outputs H264 and G711 (I think), so I'm not transcoding or changing the video, but have the server set to convert audio to AAC. Camera is set to handle motion detection etc.

    It was working fine in 4.x under Catalina 10.15.1, but now seeing some odd issues:

    1. When SecuritySpy logs a video file (m4v), the video files show the vidoes for motion detected content as 43mins plus, when I try to play back the files using any device the video seems to be stuck on the first frame for the duration with no audio.

    2. Using the iPhone client (latest version and IOS 13.5.1), occasionally when its in full screen viewing mode for a video feed, the screen corrupts and goes to a green background. To recover I exit full screen to the multiple camera view and its fine again. Using the IVMS client on the same phone I don't see this problem.

    Any help greatly appreciated

  • Hi Andy,

    With the first issue I think it's best for us to help you directly with this, as we'll need some files from you and it will be difficult via the forum. So please could you email us at and include the following:

    - A screenshot of your recording settings for this camera
    - The Debug File (SecuritySpy menu -> Debug submenu -> Create Debug File On Desktop)
    - A captured movie file that demonstrates this problem (please use to send, as it will probably be too big for email)

    As for the green screen issue, were you seeing this when using SecuritySpy version 4 at all? Do you see the green screens in the video windows in macOS SecuritySpy?
  • Thanks Ben

    Have emailed you ref the first issue.

    For the green screens - no just on the iPhone - the mac desktop is clear, didn't see it at all in version 4 either which is odd. Its doing the same thing on my iPad as well but this is even odder - its flicking between green corruption and the normal picture where as on the iPhone it stays green for much longer.

  • Hi Ben

    Just follow up - I thought last night that I'd actually seen the green corruption before in FCPX when rendering under Catalina, so have reloaded the Mac in question with High Sierra. So I think the second issue being the green screen may be fixed as I've not seen the green corruption since.

    If it is - I think there is a problem with older integrated video in Catalina, most likely Apple are trying to do something that the older cards can't handle.

    I'll keep you updated if this problem reoccurs.

  • Hi all,

    Has anyone else experienced corrupted video files from Security Spy 5?

    Whenever it captures motion detected content, the video files seem to be nearly an hour long. The first 99.9% is one frame of video from a different time and then the actual recorded video is the last 30 seconds or so.

    The video files from the camera are fine, so its definitely a Security Spy issue. Just wondering if its a config problem or a bug?
  • Just following up if this may be of use to others.

    I think I've managed to solve the problem with Ben's support:

    I changed a few settings:

    1. Set pre-capture on cameras to 15 seconds, post to 30 seconds (was set to 0 seconds pre on both cameras)
    2. Set pre-capture on SS to 1 second, post to 30 seconds (was set to 0 seconds pre in SS)
    3. Enable Generate Timestamps in software in SS
    4. Forced motion capture FPS to what the camera is set to (20 fps)

    Seems to be working.

    (3) above fixed the extremely long videos
    (1, 2 4) above seems to fix the corrupt frames


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