update to 5.2.3 broke PTZ
  • I just upgraded two macs (one running mojave, the other high sierra) and PTZ is no longer functioning on both of them for multiple cameras. I have confirmed that PTZ is still functioning by logging into each camera's respective webpage and controlling PTZ from there. Any thoughts/ideas on this?
  • Sorry about this, could you please let me know the make and models of these cameras?

    If you want to go back to version 5.2.2 for now, you can download it here:

    Download SecuritySpy 5.2.2
  • I am having the same problem. 5.2.3 broke PTZ on my Dahua SD49225T-HN. I'm using the ONVIF profile.
  • Downgrading to 5.2.2 restores PTZ functionality. Happy to be a guinea pig if you want to test something out, Ben.
  • Same. Multiple Lorex LNZ32P4BW.
  • @ThomPatterson and @emergent - could you both please try the Dahua profile instead of the ONVIF profile, and let me know if this restores PTZ functionality? Lorex is a subsidiary of Dahua and I believe the Dahua profile may work with the LNZ32P4BW.

    Also, could you all please let me know if the issue is that the PTZ button/controls are greyed out and unavailable, or if the problem is that the controls are available but they have no effect? Thanks.
  • I'm unable to test the Dahua profile right now, but I do remember that the controls were available and had no effect.
  • We've just posted a new 5.2.4b15 beta version of SecuritySpy that should fix PTZ problems. Can you all please test and report back?
  • Running 5.2.4b18

    PTZ is working as expected!
  • Great, thanks for testing. This has now been confirmed working by a number of different users, and we have now released SecuritySpy 5.2.4 (download the latest version of SecuritySpy), so I'm going to close this discussion topic.
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