garbage on video feed after a while
  • I have 4 cameras all working ok, but after some hours or working one of them shows gargabe on the screen eventhougt on the camera app and homekit i can see it well, any comments? if i disconnect and connect camera from spyconnect video feed comes to live again without garbage, i'm using mac mini late 2011 with high sierra.
  • I just had this same problem unfortunately. Using a MacBook Pro late 2011. Computer had a fast WiFi connection so I know it wasn't bandwidth. I was using an EZVIZ camera with the Hikvision profile and it would just start showing this jumbled pixelated colored screen. My other cameras (Amcrest) were just fine, and I could view the EZVIZ camera in the phone app. Ultimately I chalked it up to the camera and returned it but would be interested if there is something in SecuritySpy I could have done to remedy the issue.
  • We have seen this before when the camera changes the encoding of the video data mid-stream. We're going to look at adding some code to detect these changes and reset the stream decoding in response.

    To be clear, the symptoms would be just as @divemasterjm is describing: correct video for some hours, and then video corruption until things are manually reset. This would not manifest as video corruption all the time. Is this what you were seeing, @jpluttme?
  • Please try the following:

    - Download and install the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.2.3b7).

    - Go to Preferences -> Cameras -> Device, and for the particular camera(s) that are exhibiting this problem, click the "Advanced Device Options" button and enable the "Monitor video stream for format changes" option.

    - Close and save the Preferences.

    Does this resolve the problem?
  • Done, we have to wait a bit to see if the problem is solved, come to you after a period of time
  • After some hours camera works flawlessly, no problems at all, can also. Confirm no nas out of space error. If tomorrow is still the same we can close the issue.
    Another question, is posible to send audio to camera? Is there any http command line to set it?
  • No problems so far, thanks for your help Ben!!!
  • Ben after some test, I have disconnections from software, even the web ji or iPhone app says “ No cameras that you have permission to view were selected”, in the camera app everything is ok and working. Today 99,1 uptime cause of this fact
  • 5.2.3b8, released 1 April 2020. Fixes most of my issues but breaks PTZ on the following

    Apple TV app
    Ipad App
    iPhone App
    and remote login app.
  • wait then for installing new beta release, i'm on 5.2.3b7
  • We've just posted a new b9 version that should fix the web interface issues - please confirm.
  • PTZ not working in b9 either direct from app or iphone/ipad/apple TV :-(
  • Hi @jeff444 can you please let me know what make/model this camera is, and what profile you are using in SecuritySpy (under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device).

    Also please could you test the latest release version of SecuritySpy again and let me know for sure if the problem appears there or not.
  • PTZ was fine under stable release 5.2.2 just tried roll back all good on 5.2.2

    Cameras are
    1 x Model: DI-UK01-A76WM55-4X-EA

    3 x onwote Item model number: 864821
    ASIN: B07JJDZ69K

    using ONVIF on RSTP

    PELCO_D PTZ profile on all cameras
  • Working well so far
  • Even with Beta 10 still no PTZ either in the Security Spy software or Ipad, iphone or apple TV app ;-(
  • after installing Beta 10, when discovering device, program stops and reboot
  • Hi @divemasterjm sorry about this, I have sent you an email requesting some logs that will help us look into this.
  • now it works !!!
  • Beta 11 just same no PTZ on any platform.

    Interestingly that still works on the b5 debug version :-)
  • Hi @jeff444, we have just released a new beta version of SecuritySpy (5.2.3b14) with some PTZ fixes and improvements, could you please test it and let me know if this resolves your PTZ issues? Thanks.
  • For PTZ
    I tried xiaomi ONVIF profile and nvt onvif profile, both are working with PTZ on server, the only issue is when using client web browser (chrome) it works 1-2 times then image is stopped, had to go main menu and then show camera to work again.
  • Will report back after testing - have noticed that the 2 unifi G3 cameras have developed a random 'timed out' issue thats new. The PTZ is restored in the generic software but will test ATV and apple.
  • Full PTZ functions are restored ! Tested on Macbook Pro. Mac mini, Apple TV, Ipad and iphone. It is still unstable with the odd crash. In addition found issues using Jumbo Frames (9000). Thanks
  • Hi @jeff444 good to hear the PTZ is working well. Please can you update to the latest beta and if you get any crashes with this, please email us the crash logs. There have been many changes and it's still in beta so there may be some remaining bugs, which we need to iron out before the final release.

    The crash log files are located in the ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/ folder (within your user folder). To get to the Library folder, hold the alt key while clicking the Finder's Go menu, and select the Library item that will appear in this menu.
  • Hi Ben, after some testing, reducing fps seems to solve many problems, the only thing is when switching from day to night or night to day ive got garbage on screen (only ss cause web page of camera image is ok) and then green screen. ive tried mostly all parameters but no solution for this issue, can you or anyone help me?
  • Hi @divemasterjm - the latest 5.2.4b10 beta version of SecuritySpy should do a much better job at detecting and correcting from stream changes when the camera switches between day and night mode, and will hopefully now avoid the situation where you have decoding errors resulting in garbage video.

    For this to happen, you must click the "Advanced Device Options" button under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device and enable the "Detect and adjust for video stream changes" option (I think you have done this already, but I just want to make sure).

    Can you please test and report back? Thanks.
  • i've install beta10, option already enabled, i will come to you after some testing. hope this works, cause i only have this issue, and is very anoying the green screen.
    maybe you can check when there is a green screen and close/open again camera automaticaly cause this solves always the problem.
    Cause if this option is enabled, no garbage but green screen is showed even if with web access of camera everything is ok, even in camera app the feed is correct.
  • Hi @Ben after some hours, if got just now green screen ((((
  • When you describe "green screen" and "garbage video", are you referring to the same problem, or two different problems? The change in the latest version monitors the video stream for changes, and restarts decoding if any change is detected (e.g. when the camera switches between day and night mode).

    When you say you have green screens which the latest beta, is this triggered by the camera switching between day/night mode? When this happens, does it go away quickly by itself, or does it go away only when you quit and reopen SecuritySpy?
  • i will try to describe it better, I have garbage if the option "Detect and adjust for video stream changes" is disabled, if i enable it then no garbage but green screen is the result.
    sometimes the green screen dispears after a while, but specialy at full sun light like now (i had it just now the green screen since yesterday night working) and/or changing day to night it stays permanently i have to disable and enable camera on SS or for example change on the camera app from h265 to h264 codec or viceversa and starts again without green screen.
    I forgot to mention this is happening since you add this option, but now is much less occurring with this beta than before.
    Hopes this clears your questions
  • @Ben its been more than 24h without green screen, i've install b11 and after 1 day no issues, i will keep you informed after some more tests.
  • @Ben, 3 days without Green screen!!!!!
  • @Ben 5 days working without green screen.
  • @Ben, i can say no more green screens or garbage found, except when recording, i can see garbage on recorded file from time to time and the recover but after some footage garbage again.
  • Good to hear that the problem has improved. Generally, green screens are the result of packet loss between the camera and the Mac, resulting in video that can't be decoded.

    I think that we have now done everything we can in SecuritySpy to mitigate this. What I would suggest is to check the Dashboard feature in SecuritySpy and compare the levels of packet loss of each of your cameras. For the cameras that have a higher level of packet loss, perhaps reduce their streaming frame rates (i.e. log onto the camera using a web browser, locate the video settings, and set a lower frame rate).

    I think the only other suggestions (which I have made previously) would be to connect as many cameras as possible by wired Ethernet rather than WiFi, and switch to using only cameras that are shown as compatible on our SecuritySpy Supported Cameras list.
  • @Ben, i saw the dashboard, no packet loss at all in this specific camera, also i check packet loss in the moment of recording, 0 packet losss

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