• I have two raspberry Pis with a camera that run MotionEye. Is it possible to have SecuritySpy connect to MotionEye and record video from it?
  • Apparently MotionEye is capable of sending MJPEG streams, so it's just a question of finding the right HTTP request that MotionEye understands for obtaining this stream. I believe the setup would be as follows:

    - Under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device, create a new network device
    - Set the Profile to Manual
    - Set the Format to HTTP
    - Enter the username/password as set in MotionEye
    - Leave the Request blank
    - If there is a particular port shown in MotionEye for video streaming, enter that as the HTTP port

    Does this work?

  • Yes it did. Thanks. I was almost there, was just setting the port wrong.
  • Hi Ben
    +1 for this thread. I successfully added my Raspberry Pi camera to Security Spy using this method.

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