Attaching video to iMessage
  • Hi,

    I know it's possible to attach a still message from security spy using AppleScript - has anyone ever attached the last motion capture video for a particular camera to an iMessage?

    My use case is as follows. My doorbell is hooked up to my home automation system, when it rings I would like to send the last motion capture from the camera near the front of the house, so that I can see who it is. A single frame is unlikely to contain the image of a person since the person will be out of view when they press the doorbell.
  • I think the best way to achieve what you are describing is with iOS notifications, which is a built-in feature of SecuritySpy.

    You simply install the SecuritySpy iOS app on your iPhone/iPad, and enable notifications for your front door camera. When you receive the notification, it comes with an image that shows the object that moved, which will be cropped from the full image (e.g. if it's a person, it will be an image of that person). You can then tap the notification to open the SecuritySpy iOS app to see live video and from there it's easy to review the most recently-captured file, which will contain the whole event.

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