Anyone connected SunLuxy DVR?
  • Any idea how to connect to a SunLuxy 4 camera H.264 network dvr? I can’t figure it out!
    I don’t even know what the cameras are, I’m renting the property and have no control over the camera type!! They're quite old :)
    RTSP port appears to be 6002. Manual says 6001 for CMD, 6002 for TCP, 6003 for Mobile. Super mEye works on my iPhone, but I'd rather it was on my Mac.
  • Hi - does the device also present a web interface on port 80?

    Here are a few things to try:

    - In the Video Device Settings window, create a new network device
    - Set the device type to "Manual configuration”
    - Enter the DVR's username and password

    Then try the following:
    - Format: RTSP TCP
    - RTSP port: 6002
    - Request: cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=00

    - Format: RTSP TCP
    - RTSP port: 6002
    - Request: cgi-bin/view.cgi?chn=1&u=[USERNAME]&p=[PASSWORD]
    (substitute the actual username and password)

    - Format: HTTP
    - Request: cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?loginuse=[USERNAME]&loginpas=[PASSWORD]

    - Format: HTTP
    - Request: cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?1

    - Format: HTTP
    - Request: cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?chn=1&u=[USERNAME]&p=[PASSWORD]

    Do any of these work?
  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the suggestions, sadly none of them worked :(

    It does have a web browser on port 80 - but it loads an ActiveX component and nothing else! Not very friendly!

    Wondering about getting another device instead of the sunluxy, is there a way to simply connect the 4 video feeds from the cameras to my Mac (or over the ethernet) and have SecuritySpy run it from that point on?

  • Hi Richard, sorry to hear that, I had hoped that one of these would work. You might like to contact the manufacturer of your DVR and ask them if the device can stream MJPEG over HTTP or anything over RTSP, and ask them what the request/URL is for that. But generally it's quite difficult to find out this information, as manufacturers tend not to publish it as they like to keep their systems closed.

    Otherwise, assuming the cameras are analog cameras, then you can connect them to your Mac and use them with SecuritySpy with a video server, for example the Axis M7014. You can tell if a camera is analog if it has a round BNC or RCA connector for the signal, rather than a square ethernet cable.

    Hope this helps.
  • Hi Ben

    That helps a lot - its frustrating knowing that the iPhone can see the video, but I can't work out how Super mEye knows what to send!

    Ah well, sounds like I need to investigate the Axis video server.


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