help reducing contrast in bullet cameras
  • Hi!

    Before I upgraded to Y-Cam bullet HDs, I had foscam 9802s. Which are crap, but due to their small aperture could handle light ranges much better.

    Since replacing the 9802s with Y-Cams, the cameras are now unable to handle the range of light in the existing location (under a carport awning).

    Y-Cam technical support suggested a polarizing filter, which helps about 5% but doesn't really solve the issue. There's some sort of auto-exposure circuit in the camera itself.

    I can post pictures if anyone needs, but I'd love advice on what kind of filter I could put over the lens or any hack i could do to the camera to fix this. It's really a pain — the camera and image quality is better but I can't see anything past the edge of my carport (complete whiteout), whereas with the foscams this was never a problem
  • From what i can tell it is certainly an auto-exposure function in the camera software and does not appear to be user-controllable
  • I don't think a filter is the way to go - any filter you use may improve the daytime image but would significantly worsen the nighttime image.

    What you are referring to is dynamic range, and some cameras have better dynamic range than others. Many will state "WDS" (Wide Dynamic Range) in their specifications, which would improve the image in the situation you describe.

    According to the camera's user manual, under the Camera->Image settings, there's an option there to turn on WDR (see screenshot below). Try this, and also make sure that the "Iris" setting is on:


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