Image stabilized camera suggestions
  • I have need of a camera to be mounted on the top of a large tower, which sways in wind. It's not much of a sway, but I'm sure it will be enough to trigger motion detection when it happens. SecuritySpy doesn't have a way of excluding or masking full-frame motion (see #2 in my post here - and this will lead to huge numbers of false-positive motion detection events.

    Does anyone know of a camera with excellent image stabilization that would counteract this slight motion before it even reached SecuritySpy for processing?

  • Hi JT - I think your best option here is going to be using an Axis camera with IO ports and hooking up a PIR (Passive Infra Red) sensor - see here for another thread with a discussion about this. Does this sound like a good solution to you? I don't know of any IP cameras with image stabilisation I'm afraid.
  • Sorry - just saw this. A few comments: I don't see the post you're talking about - the link you sent goes to an article about SSL certs. Second: you're right - I don't see any out there. Strange, really - I'd think this would be a fairly common issue, especially with cameras mounted on poles. Looks like I'll have to get a post-processing live streaming tool written. :-)
  • Sorry, I put the wrong link in my previous post! The other forum discussion is here. The version of SecuritySpy that supports the external input ports of Axis and Canon cameras will be officially released tomorrow.

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