Image settings button greyed out
  • I have on old iSight looking out a window. I used to use the image settings button to fix the focus, the iSight tends to zoom in and out all the time otherwise. I can no longer access this setting for some reason. If I press command k the button is there but not usable.

  • Hi Paul, sorry but we had to update SecuritySpy's video input routines in order to support newer APIs provided by Apple, and such settings are no longer available. This button will be completely removed in the next update. You could try something like iGlasses which claims to work with any video app, although we haven't tested this ourselves so can't say for sure whether it will help. If you decide to try this, please report back to let us know how you get on.
  • Ah, Ok. I'll have a look at IGlasses. Thanks.

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