CPU Load on trial version of SS
  • In the menu options, it does say that by putting an overlay or transform on your video, then it means that the video stream will need to be recompressed.

    Does that also count for the "Security Spy Demo" overlay? That might explain my high CPU usage in that case.
  • The same is not true for the demo overlay, which is added as a separate track to the captured movie file, rather than being burned directly into the images themselves. So the presence of the demo overlay does not significantly increase CPU usage.

    If you are getting high CPU usage, look at your cameras' frame rates: 5-10fps is good for general purpose usage; any higher and you waste CPU time unless you need especially high frame rates for a particular reason. If you are still concerned, then please give a brief outline of your system (number of cameras, resolution, frame rates, compression settings etc.) and we'll let you know if what you are seeing is reasonable.

    Hope this helps.

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