Duahua IPC-HFW2100 Settings - Frame and Bit Rate
  • I have been presumably using a Dahua IPC-HFW2100. I say "presumably" because I bought it off the internet and the packaging doesn't mention Dahua, but rather "IP CAMERA" with same model, appearance, etc as what you list as a recommended camera. I am always concerned about getting a knock off, but have no way of telling.

    Anyway, several times a day I receive an error message 10835 "Excessive packet loss from network device, the network may be too slow or defective, or this computer may be overloaded. Check the network and/or reduce this cameras frame rate." or message 70219,61 "Connection refused" or message 70219,32 "Broken pipe." This is the only camera that does this (and the only higher resolution camera).

    I have looked at the camera's video setup options and it was set at: Encode mode H.264, resolution 1.3M (1280*960), frame rate 10, Bit Rate Type CBR, Bit Rate 1792, and I Frame Interval 10.

    If it is the camera settings responsible for this issue, I would appreciate help making adjustments. I have tried a Frame rate of 5 FPS and same issue, but haven't changed the other parameters and really don't understand the differences between Bit Rate Type (CBR or VBR), Frame rate versus bit rate, and I Frame Interval.



  • Hi Craig,

    Here's a brief description of some of the settings available:

    CBR aims to generate video at a fixed bit rate (i.e. amount of data per second), so it will vary the compression quality in order to achieve this rate. VBR, on the other hand, aims to generate video of a particular quality, and will vary the bit rate to achieve this. For recording over a local network, the exact bit rate generated doesn't matter too much; what matters is the visual quality of the stream. So it's best to use VBR and choose a medium-to-high compression quality.

    The I-frame rate (otherwise known as "key frame rate" or "GOV length") is a property of temporally compressed video formats such as H.264, where you have one I-frame (key frame) followed by multiple P-frames (delta frames). Whereas the I-frames are completely self-contained, the P-frames encode only changes in the image from the previous frame. This is how these formats are able to encode the stream so efficiently. An I-frame rate of around 15-30 is reasonable and will give you an efficient stream. If the I-frame rate is much higher than this, it won't make much more of a difference to the stream efficiency but it does make the stream much more difficult for SecuritySpy to deal with.

    So a 5-10 FPS frame rate, with VBR encoding at medium-high quality, with an I-frame rate of 15-30 is a good set of parameters.

    The errors you are receiving may be indicative of a slow network or an overloaded computer, or they may simply be due to temporary network issues. The "Excessive packet loss" error is generated when SecuritySpy detects that a significant number of packets are missing from the video stream, which may result in corrupt video for a second or two, however it cannot tell exactly what caused this packet loss. If these errors are not occurring too often then you can ignore them. If they are occurring often then, have a look at the network and computer to see what could be going wrong. Activity Monitor will show you your Mac's CPU usage which will tell you whether this may be a problem or not.

    And if you can find some updated firmware for your camera that might improve things too.

    Hope this helps!
  • Ben,

    Thanks for explaining the terms for me. I switched to VBR and slowed down the FPS frame rate and am getting far fewer alerts. The alerts seem to be only happening at night, which could be camera related or computer related (e.g. cloud backup software, etc, ?). I will see if there is updated firmware for the camera and tweak things. At least now I have a better understanding of what the settings mean.

  • I have the same issue with all my Dahua cameras and found the default settings are to reboot once per day. During the few seconds it takes the camera to reboot you receive the "broken pipe" error message. I changed the default from once per day to once per week.

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