Webserver via Internet partial screen
  • Hello,
    My SS Webserver works perfectly on the local network.
    For the Internet I set firewall port passthrough for the SS Webserver local IP PORT:8000

    When I enter my router public IP with the port number. xx.xx.xxx.xx:8000 it takes a bit, I get the Signin Screen, I enter the User ID and Password, then I wait a very long time before it displays a misformated Webserver Main Page with no graphics.
    I get the same results from view cam.me.

    My Internet connection is 50M Up and 5M Down.
    Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  • It's strange that you are getting some files coming through but not others. All of SecuritySpy's web server operates over a single port (8000 by default), so normally all you have to do it set up port forwarding on port 8000, as you have done. Maybe it is a problem at the receiving end?

    To test this, could you allow us access temporarily (you can set up a new account for SecuritySpy's web server without permission to access any of the cameras themselves; just for us to connect from here and take a look at what could be going wrong). Please email us the details if you want us to do this.

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