Foscam 9821W
  • I bought a couple of 9821W V2s a while back when it was listed as supported, and just got around to trying to integrate it with my SS system. It's running the latest firmware and video works fine outside of SS, but for the life of me I can't get SS to recognize it.

    When configured as ONVIF if I define the port as 888 I can at least pull a profile list for the Input number, but the camera status lists it as No Video.

    If I choose the camera type from the list (FI9821W) I can't get video via either RTSP or HTTP either - regardless of wether or not SSL is selected. I ran a port scan and found that the non-ssl HTTP interface was running on port 88, so I tried it with port 88 defined and SSL deselected, and still no joy. It either seems to hang at 'connecting' for a long time, or just says No Video.

    Anyone have any luck using this camera with the latest SS?

  • Hi, sorry you're having problems, this camera is quite troublesome which is why we don't include it on our list of compatible cameras (initially we added it but then discovered many problems so we removed it shortly after). Please see the previous forum thread discussing this camera.

    Some users have had success by entering 88 for both the RTSP and HTTP ports, and using either the ONVIF or the FI9821W profile in SecuritySpy.

    Good luck.
  • drogers — as ben may be able to attest from fielding all my support emails, I can sum it up pretty well:

    foscams suck. everything from the hardware to the software to the customer support.

    with the amount of headache those cameras have caused, i would have gladly spent an extra $100 ea to never have sent a support email or updated a firmware that should have never been released in the first place.

    good luck.
  • You can add my name to the list of people recommending to stay away from the FI8921W. I just recently purchased and returned the FI8921W v2 and was sorely disappointed with the poor, unusable built-in implementation of an RTSP server. I was able to get the stream to work with both ONVIF and the FI8921W profiles in SecuritySpy. The stream was glitchy and highly unreliable, however. The stream would frequently drop frames and result in a green image for several seconds at a time and would pulse in frame rate speeds. The fps would vary between 30-80fps and the image would be, for lack of a better description, crazy. As far as security purposes go, this is absolutely unacceptable and impractical. I sent it back.
  • Just wanted to say that I recently added one of these cameras to my house. After a bit of finagling, I did get it working with Security Spy. The trick was apparently to use the ONVIF profile.

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