"Upload to" API access
  • Hi Ben,

    I'd like the ability to toggle the "Upload to" option in Motion/Continuous capture via the api. I could also see use in being able to select the upload server too, if possible. I can't see it here: https://www.bensoftware.com/securityspy/web-server-spec.html. Is this one of the undocumented commands? If not could I request this feature?

    In order to reduce Amazon S3 costs I'd like to use Indigo to toggle the "Upload to" for motion captures when my alarm is armed/disarmed.

  • Hi Pete, I have added the names of these settings to the Web Server Specifications document - expand the Settings section and scroll down to the bottom of the list where you will see the settings named "Enable upload of Continuous-Capture movies" etc.

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