Motion trigger script to also include a photo?
  • When motion is detected, I instantly receive an iOS push notification with an image preview of what caused the event.

    Is there anyway to access this photo when using Action scripts please?

    I understand that camera number, name, and reasons are passed to the script, and that the only other way to access captured images would be via ProcessCapturedFile. However, I would also like to send notifications to a Telegram group chat along with a photo of the event (a low quality one will do fine), just like how the iOS push notifications work. I don't really want to use the ProcessCapturedFile for this because I only store motion videos, and I need it to send as soon the event is triggered.

    Many thanks.
  • Have a look at the "Send iMessage" script on the SecuritySpy AppleScript Examples page. This does what you are describing, via iMessage.

    Instead of iMessage, it may be possible to use AppleScript or something like telegram-send in order to send the image via Telegram, but I'm not familiar with this.
  • Ah fantastic, that's a useful page, thank you!

    One thing I've noticed this evening (I'm still learning having only discovered your excellent application two nights ago), is that the iOS notification sends a zoomed in picture where motion was detected. Is there a way to do the same via scripts please?
  • Unfortunately these cropped images are just created for the iOS push notifications and not available to triggered AppleScripts. I'll see if we can make them available to AppleScripts in a future update (e.g. with a path parameter passed into the script), but for now it's not really possible.
  • ok thank you. My plan is to send triggered notifications with an attached zoomed in photo to a Telegram group because one of the people I wish to notify only has Android.

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