Help with Error
  • Keep getting the error

    "error performing morion capture for the camera "camera name", motion capture mode has been disarmed (Failed to record video frame 1554,28 No space left on device"

    All my camera's upload to a dropbox account and I confirmed there is 1.5TB left on my account.

    Any suggestions?
  • This message refers to your local disk to which you have set SecuritySpy to capture to, not your Dropbox account.

    So check the amount of free space on this disk (which sounds like it is the system disk in your Mac perhaps?). I'd also recommend using the Auto-Delete options in the Storage Preferences in order to automatically remove old recordings to make space for new ones.
  • You are correct but this is strange as my files are actually saving in my dropbox. Also the folder on the system disk shows it has zero bytes and no recordings. I will change the setting and see what happens
  • Even when using Dropbox, the files are saved to your local Dropbox folder first. Dropbox then syncs these files to the cloud. But the local storage needs enough space for the of recordings that you want to create.
  • Got it....I'm fixed

    You're support is much appreciated and help sets this product apart

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