Error finding capture destination
  • I'm using an external hard drive configured as the capture destination and I recently started seeing a lot of these messages in the log file. Yet the captured images and movies are being written to the proper location. Any ideas on what is causing this?

    Error finding the capture destination for the camera "Patio" - the default destination will be used instead (within the user's Home folder on the system drive). 5.2.2,9995,4 Failed to resolve bookmark. File does not exist.
  • Your "Patio" camera must have a capture destination set for it that no longer exits. Please go to Preferences -> Cameras -> Setup and press the "Reset Capture Destination" button.

    If you have the same capture destination for all cameras, then I suggest you set this globally under Preferences -> Storage, otherwise click the "Set Capture Destination" button under Preferences -> Cameras -> Setup to set the location for this specific camera.
  • I have 4 cameras, and appeared to have a mixtures of destinations. I reset all of them, and then used the global setting. Seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks!
  • Great to hear that!

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