FYI - Wyze camera new firmware
  • I think most here know that the inexpensive ($25 USD) has an alternate firmware load that adds native RSTP support which works well with SecuritySpy.

    They just released a different firmware load, free of charge, that converts an Wyze camera into a USB-connected WebCam.

    This is for people that need a Webcam for workfromhome during the current Coronovirus saga for use with Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc. if they don't have a Webcam or need an alternative.

    In my case, the built-in webcam broke a long time ago on the iMac I use for SecuritySpy. I just tried the new firmware and it works great.

    I was able to add the camera to SecuritySpy as a local camera to replace the broken one - it also worked fine with Zoom, FaceTime, etc.

    Two things to be aware of:

    You will need a MicroSD card to hold the firmware file and re-flash the camera. I found that I had to use a special utility to format the MicroSD card - normal formatting in a Mac or PC didn't work (I found a format program on the SD Card manufacturing association website - don't have the URL handy).

    Second, the Wyze camera has a micro-USB socket for the power cord and a USB-A socket for accessories, which is typically not in use.

    You have to use the USB-A socket to connect to your computer's USB-A port. You can't power and run the camera directly from a computer USB port going to the existing micro-USB port on the camera.

    In my case, I didn't have a single USB-A to USB-A cable anywhere and had to order one from Amazon. (I have tons of micro-USB to USB, lighting to USB, and USB-C to USB, both nothing I have uses USB-A to USB-A other than this)

    Once flashed, you can remove the microSD card. Just remember the Wyse camera can only have one firmware load installed. When you install this you lose RTSP features.

    Update: Sorry if this is confusing - you need TWO cables connected to the Wyse cam, the existing micro-USB to USB-A power cable, and a new USB-A to USB-A data cable that goes to your computer.
  • Thanks for posting this - very interesting! I'm sure this will be useful to others. Could you please post a link to the page where the firmware is available?

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