Lights or sounds triggered off of SecuritySpy motion detection?
  • I'm interested in utilizing the local scripting of SecuritySpy to turn on lights and/or play warning sounds.

    Has anyone happened to have set something like this up already with SecuritySpy that could recommend some hardware for it? In an ideal world there would be a way for it to tell my existing Ring cameras to turn on their floodlights but I suspect that system is totally closed...

    Thanks in advance!
  • Yes unfortunately the Ring is a closed system and can't be accessed or controlled outside their own app.

    SecuritySpy itself can play sounds upon motion detection (see Preferences -> Cameras -> Actions. And if you need a louder sound than the Mac's speaker will allow, it would be easy to hook up a powered external speaker for more volume.

    As for lights, if you are comfortable with some simple wiring, you could hook up some LED lights to a WebRelay device (use the single-relay model as that can switch more power than the quad-relay model). SecuritySpy already has a built-in script to control WebRelay devices.

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