IOS App 2 years without update
  • is there a reason why the ios app is no ben updated in 2 years, are you guys won't work on the app anymore?
  • We are current working on a major update, which will be out soon.
  • that's great to know, thank you
  • Just a heads up, the iOS stopped connecting to the server recently on all of our phones (5 phones) at the same time. I reinstalled the iOS, I rebooted the server, reviewed the web server settings... The odd thing is, if you add a new connection in iOS, and type in LAN IP (, it works once, then when you leave the app and come back, it just spins the loading icon, then says "Connection failed".

    Any ideas?

    Edit: The web interface works, but not iOS.

    Edit 2: I have another system working that is on 5.2.1 works with the iOS app, 5.2.2 doesn't. FYI.

    Edit 3: I copied the app from the other network (v5.2.1) to my network, it's the same. iOS Doesn't load on our network. So, guess it's not related to v5.2.2.
  • I just tried the Beta (as of 4/1/20), it still doesn't work. I reinstalled the iOS app, and I trashed the /Preferences/SecuritySpy pref file (v77) and it didn't work. Is there a diagnostics file I could send to you from the iPhone? Or from the computer?

    To recap, it works via the web view and of course the Mac software is working, only the iOS app fails to connect (but oddly, if you delete the connection, + a new one, enter a direct LAN IP address, it works one time, the fails to connect every other time).
  • Good to hear the advice in the user manual about connecting over a VPN helped. In the next update to our SecuritySpy iOS app, we will make some improvements that will improve the situation of connecting via a VPN to avoid these kinds of problems in the future.
  • do we need a invitation for the beta?
  • any updates on the app?
  • Hello, this is a good idea. Since a few weeks I have had a lot of inconsistency with the application installed on three phones.
    For 1 week no notification has worked for example. Do you have any idea on the release date?

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