Web browser audio
  • Hi all
    Is it me, or has the web browser view lost its audio function? I am sure I used to have audio coming through when viewing remotely this way.
    I have tried a few different setups I have installed and none of them give any sound over the web view now.

  • This should just simply work in most web browsers.

    Are you sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy?

    Are you sure the camera in question actually has audio coming in? You can verify this in the Camera Info window - are you able to click the speaker icon there and hear the live audio?
  • Hi Ben
    I thought it was supposed to work.

    Latest software - Yes
    Audio coming in - Yes, all cameras have and record audio

    I have checked this now on 3 different SS servers running in 3 totally separate installations.
    And no audio through any web browser, whether on Mac or windows

    I'll do some more testing, but I have exhausted all avenues I think
  • Could you please check the web user account that you are using to log on to your SecuritySpy server (under Preferences -> Web), and make sure that its permission level is set to "Administrator", or that the "Listen to live audio" permission option is checked.

    Does this fix it?

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