Does SecuritySpy support Aokwevision ONVIF IP Cam?
  • I recently ordered a Aokwevision camera from China. Advertised als ONVIF, I thought it would be easy to make it work in a Mac environment. (activated the camera through Windows-emulation). I tried SecuritySpy (demo). Being the most convincing software I've seen so far, I would like to know whether SS will work with this Aokwevision camera.
    Yes, my next camera will be a less exotic brand, I've learned my lesson.

  • This camera supports ONVIF and therefore it should work with SecuritySpy.

    How far have you got with the setup already? Are you able to connect to the camera using a web browser (e.g. Safari)? Have you been able to get the video feed into SecuritySpy? Instructions are in our user manual here: Connecting to a Camera Over Ethernet.

    If you have having problems, probably the best thing to do would be to email us and we can help you directly. Please include screenshots of any relevant settings, such as the camera's web interface and/or the setup for the camera in SecuritySpy. Please also include SecuritySpy's log file (File menu -> Open Log).
  • Hi Ben, I managed to setup the camera in Explorer (Windows10) and found that the default video coding was H265. I set it to H264. SS4 detected this ONVIF camera and after some fiddling with PTZ settings in the camera interface, I finally got image, PTZ.
  • Great to hear that, thanks for reporting back.
  • Hi Ben, back on this Aokwevision ONVIF camera which works like a charm.
    In the camera's webserver, I can set and call PTZ presets. (through Safari)

    In SecuritySpy, I can neither set nor call any presets. (or at least: calling any may or not saved SSpy preset does not move the camera).

    What am I doing wrong or what setting has to be adjusted?
    I have the same PTZ-preset issue with another ONVIF camera from China, Inesun brand.
    kind regards, Dick van der Kolk

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