SecuritySpy app -- adding server
  • while I'm away from home, the connection from my computer to the internet sometimes drops. if I try to create a new server setting in SecuritySpy app, and SecuritySpy app can't immediately make the connection to SecuritySpy on my computer, the server setting is forgotten. this is **really** cumbersome!!! in the last week while I was overseas, I had to re-create the server and re-enter my password 20+ times while testing to see if the connection to SecuritySpy on my computer had come back to life.

    please allow us to save a server setting, regardless of whether SecuritySpy app can make the connection to SecuritySpy on the computer.
  • Hi Gregory,

    Once an initial connection has been made to a particular server, the app will remember that server for the future. So you should not have to keep re-creating the server in the app. If there is some problem connecting at any particular time, the app will give you a connection error message, but it will not delete the server. You just have to wait until you have a connection, then tap on the existing server in the app again, and it should then connect.

    So I'm a bit confused by your problem description - please let me know if what I have just described doesn't fit with what you are seeing.
  • no. you're right. I just sometimes wonder if SecuritySpy's data is out of date (IP change) and setting it up again would make a difference. it almost never does.

  • If you are using SecuritySpy's DDNS function (or another DDNS name), then all the IP details for connection over the Internet should be handled automatically.

    You are correct that an Internet connection is required when adding the server for the first time. Subsequently, the server instance will stay saved in the app unless it's explicitly deleted by the user.

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