Camera records continously in Motion only mode
  • Hello
    One of my 3 cameras will not stop tecording even though it is in Motion only mode. The sensativity is set to 80 and the movement mask is set up. There is mo movement showimg on the set up. My other 2 cameras are set up the same and they are both working ok. Any ideas please.
  • Where you set up the motion detection mask in the Preferences in SecuritySpy (under Cameras - Masks), you will see red areas being indicated where SecuritySpy thinks there is motion. So this should help you track down what is causing the triggering.

    Under the Setup tab, what is your "Trigger time" setting? I would recommend 1-2 seconds here. Also 80 is very high for the sensitivity, so try reducing this to 50-60.

    Also, make sure the motion mask doesn't block out too much of the frame - for effective motion detection, the more pixels SecuritySpy can use the better, so try to leave a reasonably large area uncovered by the mask.

    If you are still having problems, please email us and include screenshots of the relevant settings (specifically the Mask tab and the Setup tab).

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