Setting up SSL on my Security Spy server
  • I followed all the directions listed in the website for delivering the content over https. I get the following error:
    "Error setting up SSL for secure web access. 4.2.4,180,-25257 Unknown certificate or key format."

    My server is up and running delivering content over http, but not over https.

    I created the cert in the terminal and submitted the key to Namecheap to get it verified. Once they approved it, I downloaded the certificate and loaded the crt and the ca-bundle into my ss folder.

    Thanks for your help.
  • SecuritySpy accepts certificate files in PEM or binary DER format - perhaps the files you have been sent are in some other format? Are you able to obtain the files in PEM or DER (this is what Apache uses, so if there is a choice of server, choose Apache).

    If you are still having problems, please email them to us and we'll check them out for you.

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