Migrate to new server
  • Is there a procedure to migrate SS to a new server? I assume the process is something like deactivate license, install SS on new server, activate license, copy SecuritySpy folder from home folder on old machine to home folder of new machine, copy preferences file(s), coffee, test, test, sleep.
  • The main thing you will want to do is copy all your settings over to the new machine. This also transfers the license.

    Then, it's a good idea to unregister the old copy (SecuritySpy menu -> Registration) so that it isn't accidentally run at the same time as the new copy with the same license, in which case you will get a license conflict that may unregister your new machine.

    You don't need to copy over the SecuritySpy folder in the Home folder, unless you have custom scripts, sounds or web pages in there.
  • Perfect. Thank you.

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