Motion recording best practices
  • We have a store with 16 axis cameras. With 4fps, continuous capture, we could only get 4 days of recording. I am switching to motion capture at 6 fps, with 3 sec pre and post recording. I used the setting for new movie per day, for each camera. That results in +- 4gb movie files, difficult to review. Is there a configuration that someone is using sucessfully? I was thinking of going to a 'one movie per event' configuration. Any suggestions for a best practices implementation of motion only recording would be appreciated.
  • These are my settings I use in regards to motion capture on my SS Box. I don't use continuous capture. I do most of my capture review via my phone. I only review Images not Movies. It's faster and saves on bandwidth. Unless it's something really worth reviewing in detail. I know that everyone's situation is different.
    Hope it helps. Cheers

    Preferences /Cameras/Setup- *Motion Detection: Sensitivity 55% , Trigger Time 1.5 Seconds.
    Preferences /Cameras/Mask- I mask as much as I can. Helps cut down the false captures. (Sky, Trees, Walls, Ceilings, Glass, Lights ect.)
    Preferences /Cameras/Motion Capture- *Movie Capture *Capture type: Separate movie per event, Capture Rate: 10 Frames Per Second, Pre Capture: 8 seconds, Post Capture: 15 seconds
    *Image Capture- Frequency: 1 Second Between Captures, Post Capture 10 Seconds.
    Preferences /Cameras/Actions- Action Delay: 0 Seconds, Action Reset Time: 1 seconds
  • I always find the "one movie per day" files much easier to review, so you may like to consider switching to those to see how you get on.

    However, in a store installation, you are likely to have many, many triggers during opening hours, so during this time there is marginal benefit to using motion-capture over continuous-capture.

    So perhaps the best solution would be the following:

    - Get a large external hard drive dedicated to SecuritySpy (e.g. 4 or 8 TB).

    - Set the continuous-capture schedule to arm during store opening hours only.

    - Set the motion-capture schedule to arm during closing hours only.

    This way, you get the benefit of continuous recording during opening hours when you need it, but during closing hours you don't waste storage space with these continuous captures with nothing happening. As well as motion capture during closing hours, you may also like to set up some Actions to notify you of any activity during this time.

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