• Hello,

    The shedule does not go from shedule Night to day automatically.
    Are these profiles to be used manually?
  • If you want different recording settings at certain times of the day (e.g. different during the day and at night), then you should only need to make a single schedule, and then apply this to the camera(s) in question.

    If this is not what you want, then please explain exactly what you want to achieve and we should be able to suggest a solution.
  • I think I have the same question. I am a long-time EvoCam user, and I am very much enjoying SecuritySpy as I test it before purchase.

    In EvoCam I have the ability to schedule based on sunrise and sunset at my location using macOS's location services. Here is the page where the resulting movies are in case it helps:

    I am trying to emulate a process/action I do in EvoCam where the movie starts at sunrise (and offset would be even better!) and stops at sunset (again, an offset would be awesome).

    I am trying to use SS's Continuous Capture to achieve the same results as on that link. I am not sure what Playback rate I should use and I am not sure if I need adjust the Capture rate at all.

    Brilliant work. Thanks.
  • Hi @rickscully - glad you are enjoying SecuritySpy!

    It looks like you have an amazing view, and I love the idea of posting a daily timelapse movie!

    There is no built-in schedule at the moment that does sunrise-to-sunset, but this has been requested a few times and we will see what we can do for a future update. For now you'll have to set the schedule manually (see Preferences -> Schedules - draw in red all times that you want the camera to be recording), or use the unofficial sunspy utility.

    As for timelapse capturing, here's what you should do:

    - Enable the "Recompress video data" option under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device.

    - Specify a low capture rate under Preferences -> Cameras -> Continuous Capture.

    - Specify a faster playback rate here.

    For example, with a capture rate of 1fps and a playback rate of 30fps, the movie will play back at 30x real-time.

    With a capture rate of 0.5fps (1 frame every 2 seconds) and a playback rate of 30fps, the movie will play back at 60fps real-time.

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