FTP Sub folders
  • Could a feature be added so that when SS is uploading images/videos it could put them in sub folders for each camera? At the moment it just dumps everything into the same folder and I realised the other day there was 660000 files in that directory.. might even be nice if it could create sub folders for each individual day in much the same way as the local copy of the files are stored.

    And on a side note to that perhaps an option to auto delete those folders after X days!
  • What you want is possible: simply set up multiple FTP server instances in SecuritySpy under Preferences -> Uploads, each pointing to the same server but a different path on that server. Then you can allocate these to cameras however you like.

    I think the auto-delete option would be a good idea, I'll add it to the "to do" list.
  • Ah yeah I realise it’s possible to do as above but it won’t create sub folders per day! Thanks for adding the auto delete feature to the wish List!

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