Fix: VTDecoderXPCService using too much resources in activity monitor and opening Crash Reporter
  • Hi

    i got some good news! It seems that i found the reason for the VTDecoderXPCService problem on my Mac resulting in using to much resources on my Mac Pro.

    I did read the posting here on the forum, but couldn't find a solution to the problem.

    So i did research a lot the last days and today i found the the reason why VTDecoderXPCService are using so much resources on my Mac.

    I always dissable Spotlight in the commandline to prevent Spotlight to do indexing on my Mac Pro, because i also use my Mac for audio & Video editing to.

    Today i saw a crashreport popping up in activity monitor and i did notice that VTDecoderXPCService in activity monitor was suddenly using much less resources.

    After some research i found the solution! This is for people who have disabled spotlight at some time.

    You must go to Terminal and enter the following commands, one after each other.

    sudo mdutil -i off /
    sudo rm -rf /.Spotlight*
    sudo mdutil -i on /

    (If you see the following message:

    mdutil[1766:78805] Metadata.framework [Error]: mdsCopyStorePaths failed: (268435459) (ipc/send) invalid destination port
    Spotlight server is disabled.

    when you enter the command in terminal, just ignore it and enter the above commands, after each other and then reboot! Important!)

    Your Mac will now "Kick Ass". SS are now only taking up 82% instead of 300% with 85% idle!!! Have Fun! No more need for a new Mac! ;)
  • Sorry but i did write VTDecoderXPCService! Its a fix for the Crash Reporter popping up in activity monitor if you got Spotline turned of with Terminal. I have informed Ben to delete the post. Will post another post for Crash Report! Sorry!
  • Hi @Einstein - do you want me to delete this thread? I see you have posted this on another thread too. Please let me know what you want me to edit/delete by posting here or sending me a direct message on this forum. Thanks!
  • This VTDeoderXPCService thing is now eating up near 300% of CPU usage... I have added zero cameras, haven't changed a setting, etc. The only thing I did was update to High Sierra. Help - This make my Mac Pro unusable while recording my cameras streams.
  • I have the same problem with VTDecoderXPCService using all CPU time. I upgraded to High Sierra and the problem remains. I am using version 4.2.1 of SecuritySpy. Ben: have you been able to reproduce this problem and solve it?
  • @p_pissierssens - no, we haven't been able to reproduce this unfortunately. We have done extensive testing, and run tests on affected customers' machines as well. As far as we can tell, SecuritySpy is doing nothing wrong and we simply can't explain the increase in CPU usage that is being described.
  • Anyone using Avira antivirus? I recently deinstalled it as it was harrassing my system really badly like processes taking up to a minute that would have started in seconds. May be worth a try.
  • Hi, AV software's a good suggestion, as is any other software that also uses Apples Desktop encoding engine, at the same time as SecuritySpy.
  • I am having this same issue with VTDecoderXPCService using all CPU time. Any suggestions
  • Hi @cpickard are you using the latest version of SecuitySpy (current 4.2.4)?

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