Future software request
  • Hi Ben
    Is it possible in the future to be able to save recorded videos locally to the device your viewing from in the SS app?
    This seems to be a restriction, cos say you are away and only have access to your SS via the app and want to save an important file before it gets overwritten in the storage, you currently can’t do it without first finding a Mac/pc to save it.
    Or have I missed something?

    Cheers, and thanks for the new updated software this week!

  • Not at the moment, but this is something we plan to add in the next major update (i.e. a "share" button for captured footage that allows you to do various things such as send it or save it). This isn't an easy thing to implement (Apple's standard movie player can't be customised in this way), which is why this isn't already a feature, but I can see that it would be very useful so we'll find a way to add it.
  • Hello Ben & Co., Is there plans or ETA to migrate to H.265 and 4K capability?
  • Hi @DsrtRngr - 4K is simply a video resolution and SecuritySpy supports this already. H.265 support is a new possibility with the advent of macOS High Sierra (the first macOS system with built-in support for this encoding format), and we hope to add this to SecuritySpy soon.

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