How to I dial in the zoom?
  • I actually didn't realize there was a zoom function from within Security Spy. But when I hit the plus, it goes all the way in, and when I hit the minus it goes all the way out. Is there a way to set it on a custom zoom in between? SS 3.4.8.
  • Sorry, there is no zoom adjustment in the version of SecuritySpy you are using. What you describe shouldn't be happening, but there must be some compatibility issue with the profile you are using in SecuritySpy and the particular camera model and firmware version.

    You are using a rather old version of SecuritySpy, which is no longer supported or maintained, so we are unable to fix any problems with it. You may like to consider upgrading to SecuritySpy version 4.x, which is a major new version with lots of new features and improvements.

    SecuritySpy version 4.x does have a zoom speed control that works with may (but not all) IP cameras, and if there are any particular problems with zooming such as what you describe, we should be able to fix them.
  • Thanks but I just paid for Sec. Spy prior to the new version and it seemed like ten minutes had passed before I was being told nothing was supported because my version was too old, so I think I'll wait a bit before upgrading and just get by with half functional software for now.
  • We guarantee free updates for a period of 6 months after purchase. But in reality it is usually much longer than this: in the 13 years that SecuritySpy has been on the market, we have only charged for major updates 3 times, so I think we offer excellent support and value in this respect.
  • I'm running 4.2 and this zoom behavior always happens with my Foscam cameras also. I end up setting the zoom with the web interface. I'm going to be moving soon and will probably go to UniFi cameras instead of the PTZs anyway...

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