Max cameras when viewing live images from web interface
  • Hi.

    I'm having problems viewing more than 6 cameras when using the web interface, and selecting more than 6 cameras.
    Then one of them is black, and when doing a refresh it can change to any of the other cameras.
    Have had this problem for a long time, and have just upgraded to 4.2 but problem is still here.

    Selecting Javascript MJPEG the problem is not there, but when selecting server-push mpjeg the problem is there.

    Anyone else having this problem?

    Regards Michael
  • Hi Michael,

    This issue is a result of web browsers limiting the number of concurrent connections they will allow to a single server. Please see this FAQ for more information and possible solutions: How can I view live video from more than 6 cameras simultaneously using a web browser?.
  • Hi Ben.

    I'm using Firefox, and the fix from the FAQ helped me fix my problem...

    Thanks... Great Support and a great product...

    Regards Michael

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