Using Continuous Capture and timed FTP uploads--HELP?
  • As a new user testing SS, i will attest to being thick at times, but this has me completely stumped.

    Scenario: wish to capture and upload to WeatherUnderground account via FTP a timed *lets say q 5 minutes* cam jpg from ONE camera.

    Reality: In order to get this to work, i have the following settings on the ONE camera i wish to upload from:

    image capture: capture images continuously ticked
    frequency: 60 seconds
    upload to Wunderground ticked

    Webcam image: upload and replace image on server ticked
    server: Wunderground
    frequency: 300 seconds between updates
    file name: image.jpg

    This setup works, but the image updates on the Wunderground website at different times, sometimes 2 minutes, sometimes 3. In a perfect world i would love for it to update q 30 minutes, but when i tried that, failure each time.
    Is there some setting or something else i am missing?

    Thank you to all in advance for any help provided; i run 16 cameras and do not want to buy SS and find it does not fit my needs.
  • In addition: BOTH options must be activated and matched setting frequency times or the uploads sporadically fail with error "webcam error: can not read local file".

    Current Settings are: image capture frequency: 300 seconds
    and Webcam image settings are the same as listed above at 300 seconds.

    This seems to be working currently, but will update as issues present.
  • UPDATE: 300/300 settings also sporadically getting the webcam error message, reverted to 150/300 for frequency settings to see if this solves the issue.
  • The two settings you refer to are for different things:

    Image capture with upload: this will continuously capture images with file names containing the date and time. The upload option here will attempt to send each of these files to the FTP server as a backup in case something happens to the Mac running SecuritySpy. This is not the option you want for WeatherUnderground, so you should turn this off.

    Webcam image: this will continuously upload an image, of the same name, to the FTP server. This is the option you need to use with WeatherUnderground. According to the WunderCams FTP Wiki advice, the image file name should be "image.jpg", which is SecuritySpy's default file name anyway.

    If you want the images to update every 30 minutes, you should specify 1800 as the number of seconds between updates in SecuritySpy.

    You can monitor uploads in SecuritySpy using the "Upload Status" window (available from the Window menu), and if you suspect any errors, check the log file (File menu -> Open Log) as this will contain descriptions of what went wrong.
  • Many thanks.

    Used the Webcam image setting as instructed, immediately goes offline with this error:
    Webcam error: Couldnt read local file". Log contains this info: 10/19/2017 07:06:41: Error setting up SSL for secure web access. 4.1.8b3,110,5010
  • That error relates to setting up SecuritySpy's secure web interface - it's completely unrelated to the webcam image capture.

    I suspect it may be a bug in the beta version of SecuritySpy that you are using (it uses newer SSL libraries and there may be an issue here with certificate creation). So, I suggest that you instead use the current release version of SecuritySpy, which is currently 4.1.7.

    Please confirm that you get no such error with 4.1.7, and we'll investigate why this error may be happening in the newer beta.
  • Thank you!! Will reinstall 4.1.7 and report on behavior.
  • Using Version 4.1.7 the following behavior exists:

    From fresh boot and Webcam image set to 600 seconds *10 minutes*
    Receive the "webcam error: couldnt read local file" for 8 minutes before upload appears at website.
    No error messages in weblog or log files. No information listed under uploads.

    Occasionally, when screen sleeps, all connections stop; and again have to wait a full 8 minutes before uploading to FTP WeatherUnderground resumes.

    MAC: High Sierra V 10.13
    iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014)
    Processor 4 GHz Intel Core i7
    Memory 32 GB 1600 MHz DDR
  • Unfortunately, the uploads have stopped whenever the screen sleeps. A shame.
    Thank you for the assistance.
  • OK the bug with the SSL web server is now fixed in a new beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 4.1.8b4). So please download and install this version, and let me know how you get on.

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