Stuck Behind an Apparent Private IP Address
  • Have recently moved to a 3G/4G Internet connection, as it is 10 times faster than my DSL connection and 1/2 the price.

    On my previous connection my Remote Patrol APP, as well as my DDNS worked fine when checking remotely (off the LAN).

    However it appears that my new provider does not provide a public IP.

    But interestingly.... my three cameras are all DLink and I can access them via their DLink camera App via WAN. Surely this must work via some way of finding the IP address?

    Have I missed something?
  • Unfortunately 3G/4G connections do not provide a true public IP address, so it will not be possible to access your SecuritySpy server over the Internet over this connection.

    The D-Link cameras must be using outgoing connections to D-Link's own servers, which is why you can access them via D-Link's app. However this requires ongoing server resources provided by the company, and companies will therefore typically charge a monthly subscription for such a service (I'm not sure if D-Link does in fact charge, but many companies do). We ourselves do not provide such a service, due to us being a small company, with no subscription model for our products, and with the vast majority of our users not needing this.

    Any feature that requires an outgoing connection will work (e.g. push notifications, email notifications, image upload etc.) but SecuritySpy's web server (like any web server) requires incoming connections, which is why this won't work behind such a connection.

    If you require full web access to SecuritySpy, the only solution would be to use a VPN.

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