Can you add a Camera from a network outside the LAN?
  • Just a quickie in case someone has asked and done this before.
    I would like to add a Camera to my SS that is not on my local area network, is that possible?

    Obviously I know I will have to set a static IP address for the remote camera at the other network, but if I do, is adding it to my SS possible before I try it?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Yes, this is possible, but it does need a bit of setup in order to get that camera visible to the Internet. To do this, it needs 1. port forwarding and 2. a static Internet hostname.

    1. Some cameras have built-in UPnP, which enables them to make themselves visible to the Internet automatically, so check for this first. If not, then you'll need to set up the camera with a static IP on its LAN (the local network that it's connected to), and manually configure your router's port forwarding feature to allow incoming connections to the camera on ports 80 and 554 (HTTP and RTSP).

    (You can read more about manual router setup in our Installation Manual under Remote Monitoring - these instructions are for making SecuritySpy visible to the Internet, but the same setup applies to any server).

    2. Some cameras can provide you with a DDNS (Dynamic DNS) name for this purpose, so check your camera's settings. If not, then you can use something like No-IP.

    Hope this helps.

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