What is an XXXX.unf recorded file?
  • It happens sometimes, when I want to check recordings from the day before (motion recording daily) there is no mov file but this "unfinished" one. Is there a possibility to watch it? Can I change ending in mov?
    Thx for help.
  • In addition: This file has already recorded over 2 GB, there must be a possibility to watch at least the recorded parts?
  • As you have gathered, these are "unfinished" files, that are still being recorded to. Therefore they won't play from the Finder or in standard playback software (e.g. QuickTime Player) yet, however there are still a few ways to play these files:

    - Use SecuritySpy's Browser feature.

    - View/download the footage via SecuritySpy's web interface.

    - Use our SecuritySpy iOS/tvOS app.
  • Thx @Ben for you reply. Unfortunately I cannot even play this file using the SS Browser feature. It does not show anything on the timeline and the same problem is with all 7 cams but only for this special day (yesterday), that is why I'm so surprised. It is a movie from yesterday, which should already be finished recording as I have set up all recordings with 1 movie per day. What could be the reason, that the recorded file is filed as "unfinished" although it HAS definitely finished movie?
  • If it's a movie that should have already been finished, then there must have been some error that preventing this from happening (e.g. power cut, computer crash, out of disk space etc.). The best thing would be to have a look at the SecuritySpy's log (File menu -> Open Log), as this should tell you what happened. If you email us the log file, we'll take a look.

    Meanwhile, you can use our Movie Fixer app to attempt to recover the damaged files.
  • I think there is no hope to recover or fix this file. There is not even a log entry for this date in the log file. movie fixer app can't process after selecting the file, because it can't read such a file of course, there is no codec for it.

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