Using a camera as several cameras with different masks
  • Hi Ben,

    I have a 4 camera license. I've noticed something strange with the latest release version and this behavior may have been happening for the two prior release versions. Let me describe the scenario-

    I have one camera in the front of my house, but I use it with 3 different masking setups as 3 different "cameras" with Security Spy so that I can get information about my door, my mailbox, my driveway. (Of course, the cameras all have the same ip address in the preferences.)

    I am noticing that motion in one of the 3 cameras is being recorded as another "camera" where it should be totally masked out. For example camera mask that records the door area shows a motion recording that should have been detected in the mailbox camera while the mailbox camera (where the motion occurred) records nothing.

    It's almost as though motion in one mask-based camera setup bleeds into the other "camera", or something in the code doesn't distinguish between the two. I'm seeing this software behavior often.

    In an earlier post here several weeks ago, I thought the small unmasked area was the reason it wasn't recording motion. But I've discovered that the motion IS being recorded, but not necessarily in the correct camera.

    Is my setup unusual or is there a possible bug in the code here?
  • I don't think there is a bug in the code, but what you are describing certainly does sound strange. There is no conceivable reason why one camera would use another camera's mask, just because they are set up with the same IP address (or for any other reason I can think of).

    The best way to debug this would be to look at the cameras' video images under Preferences -> Camera -> Masks, while simultaneously having someone move around in the various regions. SecuritySpy will highlight in red which areas of the image are triggering motion detection.

    You may also want to temporarily remove a mask completely and repeat the experiment, so that you can see the red highlights for the whole image, to see if you can spot anything anomalous.

    If you are able to do this, please report back with your results.

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